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Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius
What the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius are
Exercicis Espirituals de Sant Ignasi 

Every art has its peculiar way: playing the piano, painting, practicing sports… Likewise one also speaks about the art of love and the art of living. These arts cannot develop without a certain knowledge of self and the exercise of particular attitudes. Therefore, no wonder one speaks also about Spiritual Exercises. Our soul needs also to be exercised in order to lead a healthy and full life; it needs a careful knowledge of self and a practical sensibility in order to grow as a person and as a person with solidarity. This holds good for all those who wish to grow in a human sense no matter their belief.

The Spiritual Exercises written by Saint Ignatius Loyola after long years of experience and thought are pedagogy towards growth in the human way of life inspired by Jesus of Nazareth and the Gospel.

They are neither lectures nor speeches but practical pedagogy aiming at the achievement of a fully personal experience under the guidance of an expert. There are several specific ways to practice the Retreat -in solitude or in group, an eight day Retreat or less, or a month Retreat…-; there are different forms depending on the need and the situation of everyone.

The Saint Ignatius Centre of Spirituality in Manresa is an exceptional place to practice the Spiritual Exercises; it is the very place where Saint Ignatius Loyola lived the experience that brought about the book of the Spiritual Exercises. The house meets all the necessary conditions for a retreat and to enjoy a few days of prayer; it offers a broad and varied program of Retreats in several forms.

Cova de St. Ignasi - Camí de la Cova s/n 08241 Manresa (Barcelona) - +34 93 872 04 22 - info@covamanresa.cat