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Silence space for individuals or groups
Come on your own
The Cave of Saint Ignatius makes room available to individuals or groups seeking quiet moments for prayer, study, etc… during one or more days. The House team, as much as possible, will provide with guidance if requested in advance.


October 16-18, F. Riera, sj.
November 17-23, J. M. Bullich, sj.
December 04-08, J. M. Bullich, sj.
January 26-01 (february), L. Magriñà, sj.
February 12-14, L. Magriñà, sj.
April 15-17, F. Riera, sj.
April 26-02 (may), C. Marcet, sj
Cova de St. Ignasi - Camí de la Cova s/n 08241 Manresa (Barcelona) - +34 93 872 04 22 - info@covamanresa.cat